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The best is yet to be


From: Fang

Jiayou !


From: Shiyun

加油 Ng family, no matter how hard, never give up. will always bless you.


From: 无名氏



From: Alvina

Enjoy...have lots of fun, love and laughter.


From: Eric Chua

Stay strong! You’re awesome


From: Joanne Sim



From: Dennis Teo

Jia you Ethan mummy and daddy!


From: Sy sy

Cheers to Ng’s Family


From: Fung Fung

Go Go Go


From: Lisa

Jia you!


From: Kit-Wye



From: Teo Pei San

Many blessed years to you & your family! And a happy childhood to Ethan!


From: Jessica

加油哦💪 Ethan Ng


From: Ng Boon Ngee



From: Kx



From: DK

God bless you and family!


From: Mei

Walk or Run ... Just Enjoy!


From: Michelle Wong

God bless your family!


From: Linda Heng

加油Ng Family


From: Chai

You guys are awesome!


From: Faith

Go Ethan and Mummy! Supporting you guys all the way (:


From: Carrie