$5350 Collected

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Well done Helen! X


From: K

GO Helen!


From: Gem

All the best Smitha!! And well done! X


From: Pat Lee

Amazing Helen! Go go go... x


From: Renee

Go Helen!


From: Clare Cavanagh

Go Smitha, Sara, Nagi, Victor and Harry!


From: Renu

We need to have a more inclusive society


From: Smitha

A good cause worthy of support


From: Same

Go! Go! Go!


From: SPT

Go Smitha!


From: L

Go go go Wife! Xxx


From: Christine

Good luck Coley! :)


From: Russell Young

Happy to support good causes especially a more inclusive society! Also in support of Harry and Victor!


From: MeLz

Best of luck x


From: Clare Wareing

Good luck & enjoy the run!


From: AH

Go for GOLD!


From: G

Great cause ! All the best in the run!


From: Tong Ling

Good luck Helen and everyone else doing this run for a fantastic cause!!!


From: Shona

Good luck Helen!


From: Chris P

All the best, guys! - Chelsin and Jus


From: CT

Great cause. Looking forward to seeing the costumes. Hope no one gets arrested...!


From: The Hewitt’s

Good Luck


From: Block

All is full of love / you’ll be given love / you have to trust it /


From: Bjork


From: Alan

Come on Hictor!! x


From: Shasha Slaughter


From: Fel


From: Tjad

Can’t wait to see the costumes!


From: Sally and Derek



From: CW

Great cause - go team


From: Kieran

Run forest ruuuun or just walk, that's fine too


From: Dawn and Aloysius

Can’t wait to see Paul in a tutu!


From: Jan and Rowland

Go Hictor!!!


From: Jilly